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Circles of Magic - work in progress

I wanted to finally share some bigger chunks of my project I developed during free time for about a year. Circles of Magic is a classic fantasy comic story with a world-building approach. I'm currently working on colours for first chapter. I still have some work to do and from this moment I will hide once again into my coffin with a brave attempt to finish this before summer.

If You're interested, You can read a little more and subscribe to my mailing list at

Kamil murzyn page 0 1 color v002

Let me introduce You.

Kamil murzyn page 6 7 color v002

It's a story about kids,...

Kamil murzyn page 2 3 color v001

... travels,...

Kamil murzyn page 8 9 color v002

... cozy little towns,...

Kamil murzyn page 4 5 color v002

... chilling in caves,...

Kamil murzyn page 16 17 color v002

...running around,...

Kamil murzyn page 18 19 color v003

... and adventures.

Kamil murzyn page 12 13 color v002

And, of course, a good times.