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Pile of sketches #4

Next pack of sketches and drawings I do daily for social media. Each one of these came with a little caption telling stories from world of Erenn.
Unfortunetaly artstation has a word count limit for captions and I can't fit stories her. So if you're interested in #CirclesOfMagic comic and Erenn side stories. Visit my site at and subscribe to newsletter, or find me at instagram or facebook with
as @kamilmurzynarts

Kamil murzyn treasurelords

Pergallor the Swimmer

Kamil murzyn img 0224

Treasure hunter.

Kamil murzyn img 0223

House of boats. Fundation of Fargdad and whole Brawia.

Kamil murzyn img 0222

Mangus with young Arai

Kamil murzyn img 0227


Kamil murzyn img 0225

Questing era. Treasure hunters at elder's ruins.

Kamil murzyn img 0221

Elder one.

Kamil murzyn img 0226

Beasts from east Erenn. Tragolf and groll.

Kamil murzyn img 0228

Troll matriarch and witch from cursed lands.